How do the social frameworks we live in, influence our identity? Is there an unchangeable core in every human or are we a plaything to our surroundings? Groups are our natural habitat and we often take for granted how we behave while being in the presence of others. We obey almost automatically social rules, yielding to existing patterns and following the flow of the collective. 

I record, collect and create the patterns which I find within groups. I provide them with a goal and rules by which they must abide. The simple tasks they perform, are a tool to stir dynamics within their temporary collective. A way to reveal inner relations and how they work as a group. Every misunderstanding or even full abandoning of my rules, become part of the process. The more struggle they encounter, the more decisions they have to make. Are they democratic? Is there a strong leader? When to let go of an individual opinion for the sake of a group? How do they feel, being so close to each other? Do they cheat? Give up? Or turn towards me? 

  1. Enter the square to start the experiment.
  2. Form a circle.
  3. Take the hands of two people on the opposite side of the circle
  4. Your arms have now created a knot. Untangle the knot without letting go of hands.
  5. End the experiment by leaving the square after you’ve reached your goal.


Full length: 15:54 minutes 

- 2016


Built with Berta