Every single day we consume thousants of images without really noticing. My generation feels at home on the internet, but the internet never stops. Constantly we’re being overcharged with amazing photo’s, funny movies and violent newsimages. The amount of stimuli which it gives is overwhelming. Impossible to process, but at the same time impossible to ignore. The internet is endless. Effortless I can let myself slip away in the infinite browsing possibilities which the internet provides so lovingly.

The initial idea of the internet was to provide access to the most divergent information all over the world. Together we make sure to multiply this knowledge every day. Sadly, we’ve overdone it. Because of the fact that everyone has access, the internet has been filled with excess noise. Time and again we have to go through this noise to get to our goal. My installation drags the viewer into an associative stream of useless curiosities, informative tips, unknown gems and shocking images. Welcome to my world. 

- 2014

Built with Berta